Band Student Leaders

2014-2015 CRHS Band Student Leadership Team

Head Drum Major

Andrea Brunal

Assistant Drum Majors

Parker Diederich

Julia Culp

Daniela Ichter

Woodwind Drill Instructors

Madeleine Abram

Gabby Boyd

Katy Byers

Rosa Corona

Shane Donnelly

Abby Draut

Oscar Guerrero

Kyra Hogan

Haochen Peng

Rachel Schierman

Samantha Smith


Brass Drill Instructors

Laura Baker

Thomas Butterfield

Jordan Hartmann

Kate Haveman

Jared Kong

Steven Robinson

Susana Simmonds

Michael Sporkin

Kevin Steinberg

Jake Vance

Christin Vogel

Josh Webb

Matt Webb

Christina Zolayvar


Percussion Drill Instructors

Alexxa Booth

Michelle Johnson

MiKayla Malick

Connor Villarreal



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