2020 FAQ

We all have lots of questions.  We have attempted to consolidate the many questions we have received into common categories.  If you don’t see your question specifically answered, please submit again.  Please be aware that everything is subject to change and we may not know the answers to every question at this time.  We all need to just take this one step at a time.  First priority is Summer band (Aug 3-18) followed by early school year (Aug 19 – Sept 7). 

This page is updated frequently. Information is as current as we can make it and accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of posting, but everything is subject to change. Please check back often as new information is added or answers revised.
(last updated 8/11/2020)

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If my child does KVA, will the CRHS band directors be their teacher for online band class? Will it be synchronous or asynchronous?

Yes, Cinco Band Directors & Encore directors will be their online teacher as well.   

If my child does KVA and decides not to attend after school marching band practice, will my child still receive the PE credit associated with the marching band class?

Unknown at this time what the district will decide, but logically, if a student is not doing the physical portion of band….

If we opt for virtual learning and not participate in marching band in the fall will the student still be able to participate in the spring trip?

Yes.  KVA students will still be part of the CRHS Cougar Band regardless if they are choosing to participate in the optional extracurricular activities (marching band).

Is it possible to attend only activities outside of school in person?

A student enrolled in KVA may participate in UIL extracurricular activities, including marching band.  You will be enrolled in virtual learning during the school day, including band class, and attend marching rehearsal, football games, etc. outside of school hours.

Will the KVA band class period be in-person somehow before or after regular instructional hours?

No. Students participating in KVA will have their virtual band class during the school day.  The extracurricular part of band, marching band, will take place after school hours.

If my student switches from KVA to in-person at the end of the 1st six weeks grading period, how will that impact their band participation

Answer: This should not impact band at all.  We plan on teaching the same information to KVA and in-person students.

Can you explain more about KVA band class, in-person band class, and participation in outside of school band activities (marching rehearsals and performances)?

The curriculum for the first part of the fall semester will be devoted to marching band for all band students, whether you choose in-person school or KVA.  All students also have the choice of participating in the extracurricular portion of marching band.  Since we are the teachers for both in-person school and KVA, we will only teach one curriculum for the time we are split into KVA and in-person.

We will be putting assignments in Canvas for all students.  If it is an assignment to be turned in, like a playing test or marching video, all students will be required to submit online.  We will also be using SmartMusic.

Can a student do KVA band class and NOT do marching band?

Yes, but for clarity, a student “not doing marching band” means, to the directors, that they will not do any in-person marching band activities (practices, competitions, football games) BUT will have marching related assignments to be turned in online.  For example, video record yourself marching a specific drill set in your backyard and submit for a grade. Also be aware that the district has not determined if PE credit will be received if a student ops out of marching band.

Can a student do in person school and opt out of marching band?

Yes. This means that they will attend band class during the day, but will not participate in any extracurricular marching band activities (rehearsals, competitions, football games).  They will have to do the same online marching assignments as KVA students, since this is the basis of the curriculum for the first part of the fall semester.  As noted previously, we are unsure of the impact on PE credit for fall band class at this time.

What about Encore?

Encore is different than band with regards to the extracurricular portion.  Encore is an audition ONLY class period. Students who accepted membership with Encore agreed to abide by Encore rules, which includes participation in the extracurricular activities (rehearsals, competitions, football games) and performing at any given performance.  Encore has a demerit system which will continue to be in place this fall.  For students choosing KVA, during the Encore class period they will have dance specific assignments that will coincide with what we are doing in-person.  Regardless if an Encore member has chosen KVA or in-person school, missing rehearsals or performances will result in demerits, which could result in dismissal from Encore (unless there are extenuating circumstances).  

How do we indicate intent to participate in the extracurricular portion of marching band or not?

This will be a question on the virtual Money Day form.

Student Health

We have scheduled a physical, but it is not yet complete.  Will my child be allowed to attend summer band rehearsals? 

Unfortunately, no. We must have a physical on file before they may attend marching rehearsals. In addition to your personal physician, the PreParticipation physical can be obtained at CVS MinuteClinics and other urgent care providers for a reasonable fee. Once the form is completed, you may send as a pdf to RayAJones@katyisd.org As soon as the physical is submitted, the student may immediately begin attending summer band rehearsals. No need to wait for a reply.

Will the students be using bell covers?

In progress.  The physical distancing and other procedures in place are deemed sufficient. However, as an additional layer of protection, we plan on implementing bell covers when practicable.

Will students be given breaks? And can they bring food?

Yes students will be given short breaks as part of the daily schedule.  They can bring a quick snack for themselves to maintain their energy.  There will be NO sharing of food.

Has the HVAC filtering system at school been upgraded? (ie: HEPA filters and/or UV light in plenum)

This question is best directed to the Katy ISD district return to school email address: ReturntoSchool@katyisd.org 

How will pre-game meals be handled?

To be determined.  Student health and safety will be paramount and all district and state guidelines will be followed. 

How will bus transportation to events be handled safely?

To be determined.  Bus transportation protocols are determined by Katy ISD.

What disinfection procedures are in place for the Band Hall and Dance Gyms?

At CRHS, all indoor facilities will be cleaned and disinfected thoroughly each evening, paying close attention to high traffic and high touch areas.  Band, Dance & Custodial Staff will insure cleanliness of Band Hall and Dance Gym shared resources daily. The use of all locker rooms on campus are prohibited.

What are the requirements for facial coverings?

We follow Katy ISD and UIL guidelines for facial coverings.  Staff & Students are expected to have and wear face coverings.  Musicians shall wear facial coverings at all times except during music practice. Dancers shall wear facial coverings at all times except when physically active. Face coverings should cover the mouth and nose completely.

Marching Spots

If my child does not attend the optional summer band, but does attend after school rehearsals once school starts, will they still be eligible to receive a marching spot?

Answer: Yes

If my child does not participate in summer band and does not participate in after school marching band rehearsals during the initial interim online classes, will that impact their ability to get a Marching position once in person classes resume (Sept 8 or later)? 

Answer: Possibly.  We need to have a definite number of students before September 8 in order to have marching drill written and ready. 


Does the practices that start on August 3rd include freshman and if so, what parts would they get for music?

Yes, all band students are encouraged to attend the summer band rehearsals that start the week of August 3.  Parts were assigned after the spring virtual auditions.  If your student does not know which part, have them ask their section DI student leader. 

Is 9/12 an ok date for taking the ACT?

Yes, with football games and marching contests delayed by several weeks, this is now a good date to take the ACT test.  Other good dates are:
SAT:  Aug 29, Sept 26, Oct 3 (reg deadlines 8/18 w/late fee; 8/26, and 9/4 respectively)
ACT:  Sep 12, Sept 19 (registration deadline August 14)
We will update guidance on ACT/SAT test dates on the Charms calendar once the new UIL schedule is announced.

Has TMEA adjusted the region band audition schedule to accommodate the delayed UIL schedule? Or will region band auditions remain as scheduled?

To be determined.  Next TMEA region 23 general meeting is Aug 8.

With the delayed start of UIL football games, what will happen to Homecoming week? Any idea if HoCo and parade will be rescheduled?:

Homecoming events are certainly not happening September 16-19. It is unknown at this time if and when this will be rescheduled.  We are keeping all events on the Charms calendar at their original date until they are officially rescheduled or cancelled.

What will be the practice schedule during the intermittent virtual learning period (Aug 19 – Sept 4)?  What will be the start time?

Should be finalized by 8/14.


When will money day be held online?

Email with required items and prices went out August 4. Online money day form will go out the week of August 10.  Deadline to submit is tbd

What does the mandatory fee encompass?

The mandatory fee is required for ALL students and covers the cost of music clinicians, dance clinicians, marching techs and marching show clinicians, equipment transportation, COVID mitigation, buses for contests, meals for students, student social activities, cleaning and maintaining uniforms, show music, marching show drill design, dance choreography, Encore show and spring costumes, props, other show expenses, and more.

Why are we being charged a full mandatory fee when there are so many uncertainties about the upcoming season and which events may or may not happen due to COVID?

Guidance from the district to all high school bands was to charge the full mandatory fee or fair-share fee, collect on a flexible payment schedule, and be prepared to (partially) return funds if events were cancelled.

How will funds be refunded if necessary?

This year all payments will be made online via credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.  Should we need to refund any money, it will be issued back to the same card used for payment.  You would also have the option of donating the money to the band or using the refund amount toward your spring trip balance, if applicable.

For Encore members, is the money due for Virtual Money Day this fall in addition to the money due to Encore from last spring?:

Yes.  The money from the Encore Order Form last May was for purchasing the Encore specific required practice clothing and other items.  The August Virtual Money Day is for the entire band, dancers and musicians. 

Can a portion of the money that each student raises for fundraisers (Poinsettia sales, etc.) be used toward their Spring trip balance, like some other organizations do.

No. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In 2011, an IRS directive was issued that changed fund raising for booster clubs. A 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the private benefit of individuals.  According to the IRS directive, booster clubs that offset an individual’s account with fundraising money are providing a private benefit to that individual.  Consequently, we would be putting our non-profit status at risk.  In addition, amounts credited to an individual’s account due to fundraising would constitute income from services, and could result in employment taxes for both the organization and individual.

If a student opts to not participate in the extracurricular marching band portion of band, do they have to pay the full mandatory fee?

No.  If a student opts out of the extracurricular portion, this means they are choosing to not do any in-person marching band activities outside of class (practices, competitions, football games).  Because of this, they would pay a reduced mandatory fee of $130. Please remember that opting out may impact the PE credit for fall band.

I am concerned about paying $1,500 for a spring trip that may end up being cancelled.  Is insurance offered for the spring trip to Orlando?

Yes. “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance is already included in the price for the 2021 Cougar Band spring trip to Orlando.  Please see the website (https://cincoranchcougarband.com/spring-trip-payment/) for details on the trip, including cancellation policy.


What supplies will be mandatory vs optional?

A list of required items to be purchased on money day will be emailed and posted on the website. (email sent 8/4)

Can students bring a flip folder to hold the printed music?

Students may bring a flip folder to prevent the wind blowing music away.  However, every student must also bring a music stand of their own to every rehearsal.

What music is supposed to be printed out? Is it the flip-folder ones?

Yes, students should print out the flip-folder music from the band website and bring with them to August band rehearsals, along with the other necessary supplies listed in the slide show.

Is the new $35 water jug required?

A Cinco Ranch Cougar Band water jug is required.  Returning members may use their black Igloo jug from last year or purchase the new RTIC jug.

Why is the black band water jug required? Can they just bring any water jug from home?

For practice, students may use any water jug.  We are only concerned that they bring enough water for the entire rehearsal, as they are not currently allowed to refill them at school.  For performances and games, it is important for the band to present a uniform appearance, and thus all students must use a black band water jug, either the new model or last year’s model.

We ordered but never received a water jug last year.

Due to supply issues, Igloo was unable to fulfill our entire order last year. If you paid for, but did not receive a water jug last year, order one of the new RTIC jugs this year. Note in the comments area of the order form (on payment page), and we will credit your account $12 once verified.

My student is a freshman, but we have many of the required items from an older sibling no longer in band.  Are we required to buy these items new or can we use the ones we already own.

By all means, use the ones you already own.  Each student is required to have the required items and purchase is only required as needed to replace.  As a side note, the band sells required items at cost. The band makes no profit on these items, so it is in everyone’s best interest to not sell them to you, except as required.


How will uniform sizing be handled for in person or KVA band members?

To be determined

Will uniforms be dry cleaned after every use?

To be determined

Game Day

Will food be distributed to band students or will they need to bring their own food?

To be determined after the band’s involvement in games is known.

Marching Show

Will there be a marching show premiere like in previous years?

Nothing is like previous years. The show content and how it will be premiered to parents is to be determined.