Hey Band – Volunteer!

Cinco Ranch Band Boosters, Inc., is a non-profit organization providing support for the Cougar Band through volunteer service and financial assistance. To achieve this goal, it takes many dedicated volunteers working together as a team throughout the entire year.

Start volunteering by using the links related to our many opportunities below, or by contacting our Board Members for more information.For any questions regarding Band Support, contact Kirsteen Gill. For any questions on general fundraising, email our board members Laura Hoffpauir and Mary Gardner . Also, we’d love for you to show interest via our Volunteer Interest page, send us your contact info and we’re happy to help!

Thanks for pitching in!

Band Support:

Parent Practice Assistant (Kirsteen Gill) – Come sit outside each day the band practices their marching performance. Starting Monday August 3, we hand out ice, band-aids, aspirin (with parent’s permission), and other items to help get the walking wounded back on the practice field (training provided). It takes 2 people each day and there are lots of days so sign-up early and often! Sign up for September or the October/November game schedule.

Popsicles (Kirsteen Gill) – Thursdays are quite the treat during marching season. 3 people bring treats for the kids at the end of marching practice starting Thursday March 6 – it’s a rewarding activity!

Senior Recognition Night – we need several non-Senior parent volunteers to help coordinate the walk through of the Senior Recognition starting at 5:30PM at the Oct 2nd game.

Feed the Hordes (Kirsteen Gill) – Help hand out pre-event meals prior to football games during the school week and for an occasional band contest. If you can help out, we need you starting Friday Aug 28.

Chaperones: all Chaperone activities are handled with our board members (Karen Holloway or Fay Bourgeois), contact them via their email links.

Uniforms (Liz Sabillon) – Help hand out uniforms to the students before the event or check uniforms in after. This week several open slots remain, plus others for remainder of the month. See link for details on times and to sign up.

Loading Crew (Mark Langford) – Assist the students in transporting the instruments and props needed for the band to perform starting Friday Aug 28.

Videographer and Photographer (Lesley Ann Jones) – video the performance with the bands video camera or photograph the entire event, including preparations and activities in the stands with your own equipment starting Friday Aug 28. If you are going to video at Rhodes Stadium, please download and print the Permit. Sign-up here

Mums (Kerrie Culp) – we look forward to welcoming you at the Mum Factory. The funds raised through Homecoming Mum sales are essential to the continued excellence of Cinco Ranch Band… please volunteer!

UIL Contest at Rhodes Stadium (Kirsteen Gill) – be part of the crew that enables the band to perform. We’re the parking lot crew that helps bands arrive and get on the field. 10 people each are needed for the afternoon and evening sessions. This year’s event is October 20th.

Poinsettia Pickup (Kirsteen Gill) – Date TBA

Holiday Concert and Christmas Dinner (Kirsteen Gill) – TBA (usually early December)

Swing Thing (Kirsteen Gill)- Date TBA, CRHS Commons 6-10PM, need ticket takers and clean up crew. Very simple event.

Katy Jazz Festival (Kirsteen Gill) – TBA (usually late April)

Senior Banquet (Kirsteen Gill) – TBA (usually early/mid-May)

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