Being a chaperone for the CRHS Band is a fun and rewarding experience. Our mission is to support the band by monitoring the health, safety, and whereabouts of all band students while the band is traveling to and from an event and while they are at an event. Events include football games, contests, parades, trips and other special events. We do this in a number of ways: checking students onto buses, supervising them on the buses, providing them with water and basic medical attention while they are in the stands and as they move from location to location at an event, and making sure all students are accounted for and supervised from the minute we leave the school until the minute we return.
Chaperoning involves some long, tiring, hot/cold/rainy days, and it can be hard work. But unlike watching a performance from the stands, where you only see the band on the field, chaperones get a unique behind-the-scenes look at everything the band goes through before and after a performance. We see the hard work and focus during warm-ups, we see the nervousness and excitement before a big contest, we see and hear the singing, chanting, camaraderie, and enthusiasm of the section pep talks before a competition, we see the emotions on the faces of the kids when they come off of the field after a great performance, and we see the support they show each other through good times and tough times. It’s a fantastic opportunity and a great way to be involved.
There are several requirements for Chaperoning, and we’ve outlined the process below:
  1. Chaperone Training – This is a mandatory training given each year prior to marching season. We go into great detail about what to expect and how to handle different situations that may arise while chaperoning. We discuss the guidelines and rules for being a chaperone. Click here for the presentation outline
  2. Each year, all chaperones must sign and turn in a KISD Hold Harmless Agreement.
  3. All chaperones must be cleared through Raptor. Raptor instantly screens out registered sex offenders from campuses with children while managing custody issues, visitors, students, faculty and volunteers. Over 12,000 schools and facilities nationwide already rely on Raptor’s web-based technology to keep students safe. This is CRHS’ system of choice and we need every Chaperone to complete this screening.
Thank you for giving us your time, we know it’s a valuable asset. We appreciate the dedication it takes to go through training and to come to our events and we truly appreciate it.
Your Chaperone VPs,

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