Encore Dance Company

2020 Dance Officers

  • Captain – Virginia Rigatos
  • 1st Lieutenant – Shelby Hernandez
  • Lieutenant – Emma Bayless
  • Lieutenant – Antonella Bruno

The Encore Dance Company represents Cinco Ranch High School’s Cougar Band and the local community by performing at band events and football games, participating in competitions, as well as performing and volunteering at school and community events. Dancers learn teamwork, build strong positive attitudes, improve their personal fitness level, and form long-lasting friendships.

Our Encore Dance Company participates in the Cougar Band’s marching show each year and spends their time learning marching form as well as expanding their dance technique.  With so many activities on and off campus we are a band family. This is a positive organization that promotes discipline, responsibility, self-respect, honesty, and dedication.  The Encore stays busy after school, and stresses the importance of academics.  This balance ensures they succeed and their success is rewarded with their performances.

The Encore Dance Company is directed by Holly Trotchie-Whitehead and Samantha Cockerham. Our representative on the Cinco Ranch Band Boosters executive board is Stephanie Moon.

For more information about the Encore Dance Company, please email Ms. Trotchie-Whitehead: HollyETrotchie@katyisd.org



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