Mulch Fundraiser

Beautify your yard and support the Cinco Ranch High School Cougar Band. Proceeds go toward funding this award winning, hard working group of students!

FREE DELIVERY!*  Deliveries are scheduled for March 30th.
(*six bag minimum within an 8 mile radius)

Living Earth Technologies Premium Mulch
Choice of Hardwood Bark (dark brown), Cedar (reddish brown), or Black Mulch.

$5.00 per 2 cu ft bag. This includes sales tax and free delivery.

Each bag covers 12 sq ft at 2″ deep

How much mulch do you need?

– Recommend 3 – 5” total mulch depth to conserve moisture, suppress weeds and regulate soil temperature. Add this much to new or neglected bed areas in your yard.
– For existing mulched beds, recommend adding at least 2” depth of new mulch as spring top off.

Length (ft) X Width (ft) = Area Square Feet (sq ft)
Area Square Feet (sq ft) X Depth (inches) ÷ 24 = # of bags

i.e. a single 2 Cu ft bag covers:
12 sq ft 2″ deep or 8 sq ft 3″ deep
OR a 10 ft diameter tree circle 3” deep requires 10 bags of mulch

2019 Mulch Flyer

2019 Mulch Online Order Form

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