LA’s Cougar Band Store

The Place to Shop for CRHS Cougar Band Gear! (Download this Form to Order!)

General Cougar Band Merchandise (Click this link to order!)

Click on links to show sizing information where applicable and click on photos to see larger!


50 Hoodie – custom ink

40 Field sack

30 Dog shrit:

40 Duffel

28 Laundry Bag




27 Oval RayJ:

27 CRHS Oval:

35 Car flag just one, not two

45 Black golf mens shirt

30 White golf shirt 21.99 plus ship

45 Black golf ladies shirt


Luggage Tag:

15 Luggage Tag Wrap:


crhs-stadium-chair       Stadium Seat – Maroon, with Cougar Band logo   $49.44   crhs-tervis-tumbler         CR Tervis tumbler $21    (each additional will cost $16)

crhs-yard-signBand Yard Sign $87.55  montoya bagField Bag $40

laundryLaundry bag $28duffelDuffel Bag $40

Dog ShirtDog Shirt $30car flagCar Flag (just 1) $35

crhscarmagrayjmagnetCar Magnets (choose from two styles) $27

womens parent polomens parent poloBand Parent Polos, Ebony (choose Women’s or Men’s) $45






white poloBand Parent Polo, White (Men’s Sizing Only) $30

pennytee Penny Likes Band Shirt $40hoodie Hoodie $50

MummiesCRHS Mum Makers Shirts (Three Colors) $40


Please note, shipping on most of these items are typically between 1 and 3 weeks. Many of these can be personalized with your or your student’s name, graduating year, or whatever your mind can create! Just email with your requests!

  •  If you will be paying by check, please make it payable to “CRHS Band Boosters” and place your form and payment in the band hall safe.
  • If you are paying by credit card, please call???-???-???? or
  • Please email this form to with your information or give to a band booster!



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