Band Letter Jackets

Student Letter Jacket Point Award (District Policy)

A total of 15 points is required to qualify for a Letter Jacket

Honor Organization Participation: Points
(Points will be awarded for highest position earned each year)  
Freshman All-Region Band 2
HS TMEA All-District Band 2
HS TMEA All-Region Band 8
HS TMEA All-Area Band 12
HS TMEA All-State Band 15
HS TMEA All-Region Orchestra (Wind/Percussion Section) 8
HS TMEA All-Area Orchestra (Wind/Percussion Section) 12
HS TMEA All-State Orchestra (Wind/Percussion Section) 15
HS TMEA All-Region Jazz Band 8
HS TMEA All-State Jazz Band 15
Individual Music Competitions: Points
UIL Regional Solo and Ensemble (Earned Division I)  
Division I: Class I Solo (by memory) 6
Class I Solo (w/music) 5
Class II Solo 4
Class III Solo 3
Division I: Class I Small Ensemble 3
Class II Small Ensemble 2
Class III Small Ensemble 1
Division I: Medium Ensemble 2
UIL State Solo and Ensemble
Division I: Solo 5
Small Ensemble 3
Division II: Solo 3
Participation: Points
To receive participation points, students must have successfully completed one year, enrolled in the band program, fulfilling all responsibilities as defined by the campus band director.  
Preparation and participation as member of school Symphony (Full) Orchestra at IJIL Concert and Sightreading Contest (windlpercussion) 1
9th grade – Freshman year 2
10th grade – Sophomore year 2
11th grade – Junior year 2
12th grade – Senior year 6
12th grade w/ 3 previous yrs. successful completion 10

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